S. Max Kloeppel

I've been making websites since the 90s, professionally since 2000. I've made websites for dozens of ski resorts, outdoor brands, non-profits and a wide variety of companies from cheese makers to a rally car school. Working with everyone from large corporations to shoe string non-profits are what keeps things interesting and I like to keep busy.

I was born and raised the cornfields outside of Chicago. Since college at Syracuse, I've lived in the rural mountains of Maine and now Utah. It's not abnormal to ski out my front door with the dog. Climbing, biking and motorcycles are for when the snow melts. 

I don't mind hard work.

I write code in text editor.
I created my own CMS for truly custom websites.
I have built dozens of websites from scratch.
I hear there are easier ways.
The easy way seems to rarely be the best way.
More about my work.

Work »

Old ones and zeros

Code I've been using for over a decade.
Some, much longer.

A lot of the solutions don't show well.

Still quite useful.

Old Code »

I have a lot of ideas.

Some have turned out well.
Some have made money or happiness.
Some ideas have been pretty bad.
You can be curious.

Ideas »

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