I've had worse ideas.

My attempt at useful information.

I freely admit it might not be useful to you.

Some more of my (bad) ideas are documented in these photos. Some are just pretty.

And some more old photos here.


I live in a pretty place. It's not as semi-live as I would like due to network connections.

I had a cron job set to acces an old cell phone via an ftp script and upload photos automatically. Then my connection changed. Maybe someday I'll get a decent ISP.

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Heat and bugs

Buy some very fine netting and some magnets (available at a craft or hobby store), about 8

What you do is cut the netting so it's slightly larger than the size of your window, then hold it tightly in place with the magnets. Air flows, bugs do not.

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Solar Power

I am a big advocate in solar power. I live on top of a mountain in Utah. It makes sense. I have a 2.55kw grid connected system for my house and a 1.2kw system hooked into a Humless Home 6.5 battery. I rarely have an electric bill over about $10 and with the battery, my power rarely goes out.

I recommend Humless.com for your battery needs. I am an authorized dealer.

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I'm really picky about coleslaw. This is mostly because I hate mayonnaise. Here is my mom´s coleslaw recipe... I use a little more vinegar than the olive oil and sugar. From Mom:

Amounts depend on the amount of cabbage you use. Basically add some grated carrot and diced green pepper to the cabbage, Add a little salt, pepper and celery seed, Boil equal parts of sugar, cider vinegar and veg oil, Pour hot mixture over cabbage mixture and mix. It will get more liquid over time, so just drain.

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Mud Nog

1 part strong coffee or espresso
1 part eggnog
1 part Bailey's Irish Creme
1 part Jameson Irish Whiskey (optional)

I've also aded a touch of mint schnapps.
It's a pretty great drink post ski touring.

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