Web / Work

It's hard to say what I do and have done sometimes. Below are some pages that, throughout my limited history, I have played with, developed, created, altered... you get the picture.

Need something done? Web design, web management, back-end design, web programming, photography, graphics or just general consulting? ... My resume.

Peak Resorts owns a bunch of great ski resorts, mostly in the midwest and East. I work with on Attitash.com, Crotched.com, SkiSnowCreek.com, HiddenValleySki.com, PaoilPeaks.com, Mountsnow.com and PeakResorts.com. Some of it is design, some development, some server fun, etc...
Quaint doesn't even come close to describing it.

Get outside or inside and play.

I don't want a pickle, I just want to ride my bicycle. And do a little trail running.

A very fine NH resort in the Mt. Washington Valley.
Bill and Julie have a nice little company that does something very important, keep dogs safe. They make orange vests and collar covers for dogs.
I can see your tetons from here.
Hannahupham.com - Hanna is a good friend. She needed a webpage. I made her one. It has stuff like order-forms, .mp3 samples of her work and custom content management. I took a lot of the pictures, Tiffany took the nicer ones. Hannah's site is pretty cool, so is she.
One of my first sites. I've been woring on cpbc.com for about 15 years now.