I am consulting for Peak Resorts, Cannon Mountain and doing a couple other smaller projects, like Wasatch Backcountry Rescue. I'm used to doing and would like to do more work.

Need something done? Web development, design, management, content management systems, photography or consulting? Run or own a small ski area?

My resume (pdf). Email me.

Content Management System

Most of the work I've done in the past 18 years is building websites from scratch using my custom CMS.

I've also done LAMP server management, design, training, ADA compliance, a fair amount web consulting and some work with ASP.NET, C#, MVC, Sass, Github and Bootstrap.



I don't believe complexity has any inherent value. Too often it's an excuse to charge more and make things harder to change. I prefer to Keep It Simple.

My CMS has been used on sites with 5 pages and 500 pages. The source code is probably under 1000 lines. Clean, semantic code makes everything easier and faster.

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I started at Sugarloaf and rebuilt most of the ASC sites with my cms. Since ASC I've been working for Peak Resorts and have built most of the sites more than once. In the past couple of years I also worked with Dirigo Dev on their ski clients. Over the years my cms was used for Jackson Hole, Waterville Valley and several clients outside the ski industry.

My work has ranged from just a few css changes to doing everything including server setup, my custom cms, design, analytics and content management. I have made and remade some of these sites many times.

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