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It's hard to say what I do and have done sometimes. Below are some pages that, throughout my limited history, I have played with, developed, created, altered... you get the picture.

Need something done? Web design, web management, back-end design, web programming, photography, graphics, audio digitizing, or just general consulting? Well, I'm available. Chances are, you'd be surprised at what I can do with very little.

home My Official title was "Online Marketing Coordinator." These days it has something to do with marketing and services and they even use the word developer. I prefer Max.

I do stuff like write scripts, make graphics and galleries for them, administer e-mail systems and generally help out with most things digital. It's fun. - It's where I live, literally. It's a bit scary, both because my house actually looks like the logo and because the content on the site came from the heads of the regulars at my house.
Warning: This site has not yet been rated. - Hanna is a good friend. She needed a webpage. I made her one. It has stuff like order-forms, .mp3 samples of her work and custom content management. I took a lot of the pictures, Tiffany took the nicer ones. Hannah's site is pretty cool, so is she. Colorado doesn't know what their getting.

She made me a hat. It's hot pink and chartreuse. I'm soooo lucky.
CPBC Covenant Point Bible Camp is where I've spent most of my summers since 1994. Although I've usually held job titles that involve more shoveling than design, I helped with the camp's website a bit in between taking out the trash and mowing.
Source Orange Source was/is a student run, on-line publication at S.U. From 1996 to 1998 I held the position of Art Director. My responsibility was to create, edit, and publish all of the site's graphical content. I could honestly make the claim, "If an image doesn't have someone else's name on it, I did it."