A smaxx is...

Once a professor asked me what art is. My answer was "Art is to life what pornography is to sex." If only I were that clever about myself.

I'm an average white bread male, from average white bread Illinois, who prefers sandwiches on wheat.

A lot of people can say things about themselves like "I am an artist." or "I am a climber." I can and can't say both. It's often confusing, but rarely boring. I have often found myself spending six hours a day in front of a computer, and then six hours in the woods.

Right now I live in a modified A-framed called the "Humpy House" in the Western Mountains of Maine in a valley called Carabassett. I work at Sugarloaf, a mountain for sliding on. It's not a bad gig.

...oh yea, and I like cake.

b u r n.